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Live Lent

As we all journey together towards Holy Week and Pascha, Live Lent will act as a companion and guide along the way.

Live Lent is an initiative of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago that is meant to teach and inspire the faithful of our Metropolis to truly live out their faith throughout the period of Great Lent. Live Lent will focus on a specific theme for each week of Great Lent. Each week's theme will be announced on the preceding Sunday along with a “Spiritual Vitamin” in the form of a quote and an action item for the faithful to practice throughout the week. Sermonettes from our priests will also be provided to help the faithful further explore the theme of the week in a relatable and practical way.


Weekly Themes

  • Week 5: Discernment »

    April 11, 2021

    To discern is to understand what is good and what is evil. St. Paul teaches that those of spiritual maturity should be able to “have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” (Heb 5:13) Take some time this week to separate the good from the evil in your life. What are the good things in your life you can cultivate? What are the evil things in your life that you need to prune back? Lent is the perfect season to tend to your spiritual garden.

  • Week 4: Carry Your Cross »

    April 4, 2021

    The Cross is held up in the middle of Lent to show us what lies ahead and give us strength to complete the course of the fast, much like a mile marker in a race which tells you how far you have left to run. Take some time this week and write a few journal entries reflecting on the following topics: How far have I come in my spiritual life? How far do I still need to go? Like the Cross, what things can I carry with me to strengthen my journey?

  • Week 3: The Power of Stillness »

    March 28, 2021

    Practice stillness and prayer in a simple and consistent way. Spend a few minutes in total silence to quiet your mind and soul, and then stand in front of your icons and pray the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”). You can do this for a predetermined amount of time (5 minutes, for example) or by using a prayer rope a certain amount of times. The important thing is to do it consistently each day.

  • Week 2: Why is Faith Important? »

    March 21, 2021

    Create a sacred space at home that, just like an Altar of a Church, makes the whole Church grounds holy. Your prayer corner will sanctify entire home. Place an icon on the wall and offer daily prayers before it. During the second week of Great Lent we honor the Saints of the Church and center our entire being on Christ, our true God.

  • Week 1: Making Room »

    March 14, 2021

    This first week of Great & Holy Lent, consider the power of asking forgiveness, an act that helps us to bear fruit as Orthodox Christians. Make room in your schedule to reach out to a family member or friend whom you have wronged to both forgive them and ask their forgiveness sometime this week.

  • Metropolitan Nathanael's Lenten Message »

    March 13, 2021

    Great Lent is upon us! In his message on Great and Holy Lent, His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael offers small but practical ways we can strengthen our Lenten work of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and forgiveness.

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