Greek Education

The Greek Education Department of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is focused on supporting the teaching, preservation and promotion of Greek education, Hellenic culture and history, and Orthodox tradition. Through a broad range of programs, the Department works to both educate and create opportunities for students, their families and educators to establish lifelong relationships and values.  

Programs offered within the Metropolis include the following:

1.    Greek Language Programs:

a.    Parochial School Greek language

b.    Afternoon Greek Schools 

c.     Saturday Greek Schools

d.    Ellinomatheia* preparation courses 

e.    Adult Greek language classes

2.    Greek Dance instruction

3.    Music and Vocal instruction 

* Ellinomatheia - Certificate of Attainment of Greek Language issued by “The Center of The Greek Language".


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  • Protocol for Non-Liturgical Programs in Education Ministries »

    August 24, 2020

    Whenever possible, the use of distance learning platforms should be used for Education Ministries. However, recognizing the benefits of in-person learning, especially for children, the Metropolis of Chicago offers this protocol to its parishes as a way to safely commence in-person learning.


Contact Person: Maria Hatzinakos

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