Upcoming Events Upcoming Events

  • YAL Bible Study »

    November 4 - February 10

    Join the Youth & Young Adult League ("YAL") for a weekly bible study via Zoom with Father Kosmas Kallis, where the Book of Acts will be discussed. This event will take place over the course of 12 Wednesdays, starting November 4 thru February 10, with some days skipped for holidays.

  • YAL Orthodoxy on Tap »

    November 19 - December 10

    YAL Chicago invites you to the Orthodoxy on Tap series on ZOOM. Special guests will be featured on November 19, December 1, and December 10 to discuss "Why Orthodoxy?"

  • Fanari Winter Camp »

    January 15 - March 1

    Seeing that waiting an entire year for the next session of camp is just too long, Fanari Winter Camp brings all of the fun of Fanari Summer Camp to the winter months. Fanari Winter Camp offers two sessions, the first for Senior GOYAns (High Schoolers) and the second for Junior GOYAns (5th-12th Graders). Our most enjoyable activities include: Worship, Orthodox Life, Winter Olympics, tubing at Wilmot, and much more! Registration opens on Monday, November 9!