2021 Nominees for Metropolis Council, Archdiocesan Council, and Metropolis Audit Committee

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is pleased to announce the nominees for Metropolis Council, Metropolis Audit Committee and Archdiocesan Council. Each parish was asked to nominate up to three (3) parishioners it determined could best serve as a member of the Metropolis Council, one parishioner who it determined could best serve as a member of the Archdiocesan Council, and one parishioner who it determined could best serve as a member of the Metropolis Audit Committee. Nominees provided a short biography and personal statements expressing how their service could make a positive impact on the Church. Nominees for Metropolis Council were also asked to self-identify with one of the following seven (7) essential competencies: Communications, Digital Marketing, Finance, IT & Security Management, Development, Education, and Real Estate. Through this process, the Metropolis encouraged individuals with diverse backgrounds and specialized skillsets critical to the governance of the Metropolis to step forward and volunteer for these leadership positions.

The nomination materials have been compiled into a Nominee Book for each delegate to review and consider before voting at the Clergy-Laity Assembly. Delegates are asked to consider the needs of the Metropolis and to select nominees whose skillsets will help the Metropolis meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. Voting will be conducted electronically during the Clergy-Laity Assembly.

Please click on the link below to access the Nominee Book. As responsible stewards of the Church’s resources and of God’s creation, limited copies of the Nominee Book will be produced for those without the necessary technology to access the digital copy.

View the Nomination Book Here



For questions regarding the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago's 2021 Clergy-Laity Assembly, please contact Vicki Karl, Executive Director of the Metropolis of Chicago at (312) 736-2280 or via email at [email protected].