Metropolitan Nathanael's Archpastoral Teachings


Starting in 2019, His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael has begun offering an Archpastoral Teaching for the faithful of all ages and walks of life, and in all the ministries of the Church, to creatively apply the profound teachings of our faith in their lives.

The Archpastoral Teachings draw from our faith's splendid treasury, including Holy Scripture, the writings of the saints, and the worship services. On Mercy (2019), explores the meaning of mercy within our Orthodox theological and spiritual tradition. It offers a variety of practical suggestions for ways to weave the theme of mercy into our everyday lives. On Life (2020), invites us to focus on what is always true, always right, always perfect—God’s love for us through His gift of life. The reader is called to protect and nurture the sacred gift of life in all its aspects. 

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Download: Archpastoral Teaching, On Life - 2020 (Booklet)
Download: Archpastoral Teaching, On Mercy - 2019 (Booklet)