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Metropolis Exceeds Fundraising Goal for Parishes


Thank You! The Metropolis Exceeded Its $250K Goal to Support Our Parishes!

Thanks to your support, the Metropolis of Chicago has raised more than $258,000 for the COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund---100% of which will go directly to support our parishes impacted by the pandemic. To date, the Metropolis of Chicago has distributed $138,613 to 10 parishes in need and will continue to make distributions in 2021 until the fund is exhausted. As promised, monies raised through the COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund will be subject to the Metropolis' annual audit conducted by an independent accounting firm.

On behalf of His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael, Members of the Metropolis Council, and Metropolis staff, thank you again for your demonstration of Christian love at a time when it was urgently needed. Christ is in our presence!

If you have not yet made a gift, or if you would like to donate again, please take this opportunity to support our parishes hardest hit by the pandemic and donate to the COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund here.


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